About us

IPSUM Industrial Projects S.L. Founded in 2014, but with a team of professionals with more than 30 years of experience, it is a service company, specialized in various industrial assemblies, integrating engineering services, supply of equipment and materials, electro-mechanical assembly, and associated construction. 

The expertise and know-how of our managers and associated staff comes from various fields in which we have been outstanding leaders, across various professional structures and companies.

The company headquarters is in Barcelona, with additional branch offices in Tarragona, Zaragoza, and Huelva. Geographically, IPSUM has no limits, thanks to its great track record in the design and execution of international projects.

IPSUM’s goal is to improve the execution of its clients’ projects by introducing high-quality, creative solutions to achieve outstanding results.

IPSUM Industrial Projects S.L. has a firm commitment to putting the talent of its employees at the service of its clients and execute excellent projects.

Why choose us?


We make any industrial assembly easy


We integrate engineering, equipment supply and projects


Highly specialized in electro-mechanics


Highly specialized in electro-mechanics


We have our own R&D department


We have our own R&D department


99% of our clients continue with us


We are international, multisectoral and humble

Ipsum Industrial Projects

We are a services company, specialized in industrial projects, integrating the engineering, supply of equipment and materials, and construction (manufacturing, assembly, and commissioning). The complete handling of industrial maintenance, focused on preventive and continuous improvement is the other key of our value.

Genuine passion for numbers

150 workers
30 years of experience
Countries, we have carried out projects in: Spain, France, Belgium, South Africa and Mexico (in 3 continents)
years of experience
Countries, we have carried out projects in: Spain, France, Belgium, South Africa and Mexico (in 3 continents)

International influence with a local soul

Ipsum has no fear of landing in other markets and working under diverse regulatory and cultural frameworks. Constantly going out of our comfort zone is part of our values. We are global but we execute on local terms.


Professional excellence


Creative, effective, and state of the art solutions to the needs of engineering and construction projects in the industry.


Continuous improvement of projects to optimize costs, deadlines and quality. Creating a safe environment for workers and facilities.


Service, efficiency, effectiveness, proximity, technical capacity, experience, quality and safety.

Quality our identity,
we apply R&D in each phase of the project.