New BDP and DES15 plant

Execution of construction project of a new plant

The project consists of the construction of a new production unit, a plant made of metallic structure and pipes, which integrates process equipment and reactors inside.
In the first place, IPSUM received from the process engineering on behalf of the client, the P&IDs that described the different ducts, instruments, and equipment of the new plant.
From the documentation, IPSUM, began the development of detailed engineering.
Once the APC documentation (approved for construction) was generated, the orders were generated to the suppliers.

After this, with the team already constituted, IPSUM, proceeded to the construction of both the metallic structure and the manufacture of the isometrics and the pipes.

During this project, IPSUM worked for 16 months, producing some 30,000 inches of welds and generating 43,000 productive hours.



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