Project Management

At IPSUM we know that in order to move forward it is necessary to manage projects with a proven method, which ensures the return of improvements and compliance with deadlines. Our Project Manager will lead the entire process from the moment the initial analysis is made, paying special attention to the initial cost estimate. One of the key functions will be to manage our multidisciplinary human team, which will design the technical specifications with a high level of detail, to immediately define the production process and the equipment necessary for production.

The project manager's
role at ipsum

Design phase

We help our clients to optimize supply costs, by negotiating with suppliers, and advising on the contracting of all parts of the project, during the design phase.

Execution phase

It is essential to use a state-of-the-art methodology with modern technological tools. At IPSUM we collaborate during the definition of times, designing an initial GANTT diagram and making an exhaustive supervision of the execution.

Closing phase

The objectives have been met and it is time to evaluate the project. In this phase we share with the client the performance data of the project and equipment. Finally, an evaluation of costs and an analysis of the most relevant KPIs of all parts of the project is delivered.

Planning and execution

At IPSUM we have a proven background in plant shutdown process management, in all types of industries with various relevant needs.

Our team has managed all the planning of the activities, with management of a large number of resources and contractors of different specialties.

IPSUM takes care of the preparation and pre-construction of the necessary material, in the workshop, to optimize downtime.